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cqc inspection

Passing CQC Inspections

We get a huge number of emergency orders – NHS clients desperate to receive our locks within a couple of days as an inspection has been initiated and Practice Managers and Senior Partners find out too late that locks are … Continue Reading

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Watch: We Test Our Locks To Destruction

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CQC Inspections

Managing CQC Inspections

For those who have not heard of CQC inspections, they were introduced in 2009 with a clear mandate to visit all manner of NHS-based services. They provide third-party assessment of the facilities and are responsible for assessing the care they provide … Continue Reading

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NHS Sign

Why the NHS was (and is) the most radical and important Healthcare experiment in the World

With Brexit only weeks (or perhaps even days) away from being triggered, and the UK’s divorce from the European Customs Union finally about to be ratified, it seems like a good moment to consider the other big political changes which … Continue Reading

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Protecting NHS employees with GEMS

Following an alarming rise in the number of assaults on NHS staff and emergency response teams in the health industry, which is now at 193 attacks per day, Nick Ferrari of LBC (a London based Radio station) have created a petition … Continue Reading

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Change in the NHS

Understanding what it all means The NHS began on the ‘Appointed Day’ of 5 July 1948, with the explicit goal of “comprehensive health and rehabilitation services for prevention and cure of disease”. This was, in part, due to a growing … Continue Reading

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