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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are your locks patented, and do you own the UK / EU distribution rights?

Yes, all of our locks have been fully trademarked and patented in line with International Copyright Law. Lexmar Direct are proud to be the sole European Distributer, supplying these world leading Paper Tray Locks, Fridge Locks and Cable Locks to the UK and Europe.

Who manufactures these locking products?

The lock components are all manufactured in the U.S. by Lucas Distribution. They are highly tested and built to the highest standards, which is why we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee!

What types of printer do your locks secure?

We have locks to fit every make and model of printer or Photocopier, including full specification MFP’s fitted with Staple Finishers. If you have a non-standard size or shape then our products will still fit, but we would advise getting in touch with us – just so we can make sure to provide you with the right product for your needs.

Who buys these locks?

Our clients include a wide range of customers who want to ensure the most powerful locking mechanisms to secure property. This includes numerous NHS Trusts and hundreds of doctor’s surgery’s throughout the UK (and Europe) as well as dentists, vetinary clinics, hospitals, health clinics, schools, universities, clubs and societies and the MOD. All of these customers have specific requirements for tamper proof and destruction proof locks.

What happens if the lock breaks?

If installed correctly, our locks are pretty much unbreakable. We have not yet had one single report of our locks being forcibly removed. Howver, all of our products come with a lifetime guarantee – so if any component fails under normal or advised usage, we will replace the lock free of charge.

I can’t find your contact details?

We are a web-based business, meaning we usually sell our products directly to customers. If, however you would like to purchase a bulk order, or you require specific assistance, please contact us at sales@lexmardirect or use the contact form on the contact us page and we will get straight back to you.

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