Need Help Installing Your Lock?

Installing Lexmar Direct Locks is easy! Once you have purchased your lock, just follow our simple Lock Installation Guide to ensure your lock performs at its best.

Paper Tray, Storage and File Cabinet Locks

If you have purchased a Paper Tray Combination Lock, Paper Tray Key Lock or Storage & File Cabinet Lock, you will need our PTL3/5 Lock Installation guide. With this guide, in six simple steps you can ensure  your File Cabinet, Storage Container or Paper Tray is totally protected from intruders.

Download Installation Guide

Refrigerator Locks

If you have purchased one of our Refrigerator Locks (Combination Lock or Key Lock), you will need our Refrigerator Lock Installation Guide.

Download Installation Guide

If you need any other help with installation, please get in touch with us and we will be very happy to help.

We also offer quick video installation guides – click here to check them out.