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Lucas Distribution UK

UK Distributor

We are very proud to be the sole UK distributor for this fantastic collection of locking products. Back in 2009 we were working with some of the leading printing companies in America. Printing companies who provided to the healthcare industry … Continue Reading

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See our Locks Survive destruction!

One of our most common questions is: How long do your locks last?  One of the reasons our products are so popular is the extreme difficulty in breaking them. Unlike traditional products, our locks do not have a single point … Read More

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lexmar installation guide

Quick Install Video Guide

Hi there! To ensure our products are used correctly, we have created some brief videos to clearly demonstrate how to install and use the locks. For general locks, such as the PTL-5 for Storage and File Cabinets, see the 1st … Continue Reading

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Like us on Facebook

Like us on Facebook!

We truly believe in our range of locking products. In the two years we have been selling them to the UK market, we have seen such warm reception and feedback that we would love our customers to share their own … Continue Reading

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Fridge Lock

Who needs a Fridge Lock?

If you Google ‘Fridge Lock’ then most of the products which come up are associated with toddler / pet locks (which are quite flimsy) or are made for freezers in garages (meaning they are extremely ugly). As a business, we … Continue Reading

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