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    We get a huge number of emergency orders – NHS clients desperate to receive our locks within a couple of days as an inspection has been initiated and Practice Managers and Senior Partners find out too late that locks are required for all printers that print out Prescriptions to pass their CQC Inspection.

    Why wait for an inspection? Order today from our online store and be prepared to pass with flying colours!

    Why NHS Practice Managers love our Locks

    CQC Inspections are pretty new. This can create a problem because often Health Trusts in the NHS are unaware of the various requirements which can cause them to fail their inspection. Often, in these circumstances, they will focus on the parts of the inspection which they know most about and simply aim to rectify any other areas after the inspection has been completed.

    This may include updates to procedure, data protection or channels of communication. One of the lesser known areas revolves around security and the requirements for ensuring staff and areas where health services are administered are fit for purpose when considering the dangers which they may face. This largely means the security of Controlled Drugs and Prescription Paper (which can be used to fraudulently receive Controlled Drugs).

    Lexmar Direct work with health organisations and Health Trusts around the UK, helping them understand and meet these requirements easily. We provide locks for Cabinets, Fridges and Printers which simply and effectively ensure total security for CD’s and Perscription Paper. Not only does this ensure that they stop being targets for theft, but it actively ensures that from the first moment they are able to meet the security requirements covering storage for the CQC.

    Lexmar Direct are the only supplier of extra strong locks for Cabinets, Printers and Fridges in the UK. Our patented designs come with lifetime guarantees and require no tools to install. Indeed they can easily be moved and reinstalled by purchasing replacement feet if you change fridge / cabinet / printer.

    Having supplied our locks to NHS clients throughout the UK for 3 years now without any failed locks or complaints, you can rely on Lexmar Directs PTL locks to pass the storage and security part of your CQC inspection.

    We can provide suite of locks with matching keys or combination lock options. Why wait for an inspection? Order today from our online store and be prepared your CQC Inspection.

    Why choose Lexmar Directs PTL locks?

    • Our locks are made in the United States and are made of top quality materials
    • Our locks come with a no quibble lifetime guarantee.
    • Our locks are fitted in minutes with no tools and no drilling using our unique patented “Flex Feet” design
    • You can re-use our locks when you update your cabinets / fridges / printers, by purchasing replacement Flex Feet
    • We have a lock to fit every type of printer available. The majority of NHS clients use either Dell or Brother Printers and we have standard locks to fit all types and they come in cream or black to match.
    • For NHS clients, we can provide delivery with invoice, or you can pay in advance by Paypal or credit card.
    • See our videos showing how easy it is to fit our locks and more importantly, how impossible they are to get off by watching our “tested to destruction” video.

    Our locks are not the cheapest, but they are the best! Easy to fit. Guaranteed for life. Extensively used and proven throughout the NHS for three years. Put simply: you get what you pay for.

    If you have any questions or wish to check what locks you need to fit your printers or copiers, please contact us here.