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Replacement Flex Feet (Pack of Two with Glue)
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This pack contains:

  • 2 x Replacement Flex Feet
  • 1 x Ultra-strong Cyanoacrylite Adhesive

This product is for re-attaching our locking products. Our locks can be used with a variety of doors and storage locations.

Price is excluding VAT.

NOTE: One packet of glue contains enough for FOUR Flex feet.

Product Code: LD20-0003
Limited Stock Available



Our products are designed to last a lifetime. However, we know that often file cabinets, storage containers, printers and fridges or freezers can change. This might be because the device becomes outdated or the decor of a room is updated, but in either case, re-installing our locking products is easy!

How to remove our locks

To remove the locks, simply slide off the front panel then remove the screws from the flex feet. Next carefully peel off the flex feet from the surface – if the lock is placed on a painted surface, or it stuck too cleanly to the surface, then we suggest purchasing a small bottle of nail polish remover or Acetone.

Using a ball of cotton wool, or an earbud, gently pull up one area and rub either the nail polish remover or acetone into the glue. Unsure you pull upwards on the flex foot and it will start to come away from the surface where the lock was placed.

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