Lucas Distribution UK

We are very proud to be the sole UK distributor for this fantastic collection of locking products. Back in 2009 we were working with some of the leading printing companies in America. Printing companies who provided to the healthcare industry – the largest industry in the US, worth an estimated $3 Billion –  used only one product, assuring their customers that the lock was the only product on the market which was totally indestructible and tamper proof.

We were intrigued, wondering why they only favoured this product. After getting our hands on one we instantly saw why. Not only were they well made, suitable for use in offices and impossibly strong, but they all came with a lifetime guarantee – the ONLY product of its type which does.

From that moment we were on-board, constructing a deal to become to UK distribution arm of the large US organisation. Since we secured that deal, we have introduced these fantastic products to a wide variety of customers in the UK – notably to NHS Trusts up and down the country.

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