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    If you Google ‘Fridge Lock’ then most of the products which come up are associated with toddler / pet locks (which are quite flimsy) or are made for freezers in garages (meaning they are extremely ugly).

    As a business, we wanted to offer a group of locking products which did not just impact children and parents, but would instead meet the greater needs that we knew were out there. We wanted to sell locking products that would last a lifetime and look great, while offering total security for those who needed it.

    After many years, we began working with a large American Manufacturer, and in the process discovered the perfect Fridge locking solution for the UK Market. These locks had key features which made them different and much better designed than the locks which existed out there.

    The key differences were that these locks:

    1. Last a lifetime and are specifically designed to remain in working condition, even after an attempt to break it. This is achieved by being flexible – the product will not crack or split under pressure from any angle.
    2. Can be re-used (reinstalled on replacement storage containers, file cabinets, fridges) by ordering some new feet pads. (Please contact us if you need new feet – they are only £2.99)
    3. Fit with a home décor – meaning they match colours with the item they are locking (so they don’t look out of place) and they don’t have sharp exposed edges.

    When we introduced this product to the UK, there was a flood of demand from all sorts of places which had a real need for them. We thought we would take a look at two key areas to show how our product makes a real difference to people’s lives.

    Mental Health Institutions / Home Care Facilities / Dependent’s Homes / NHS Trusts

    When many people think of Alzheimer’s, Autism or with Prader-Willi Syndrome, they often think of the emotional impact these conditions can have. One of the things which is not often considered is the practical implications – or in other words the real needs and concerns with managing care day-to-day.

    Contrary to popular belief, hunger is associated with short term memory rather than a physical process. This means those suffering from Altziemers do not realise when they have eaten, or can even take things from fridges and leave them in other places without realising.

    Similarly, many parents who have children on the higher spectrum of Autism or who have Prada-Willi Syndrome can find that the condition often leads to overeating. This means that they have a real need for a lock in order to curb their natural habits.

    In these cases – where a long-term lock is put in place in a residential home, it needs to be strong, simple (and quick) to unlock. It also needs to not be an eyesore – or in other words it needs to look and feel like part of the home. Our fridge locking products fulfil all of these quotas, coming with a lifetime guarantee which means that the people most in need are never without a strong locking solution for their environment.

    Refrigerator Combination Lock

    In addition, the introduction of Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections in 2009 has meant that many care institutions need to ensure that medicines are stored safely, while being readily accessible for staff. The results of these inspections are published publicly, meaning they may not receive the high levels of funding or new residents they need to stay afloat if they are not able to fulfil the key criteria (such as the proper control of prescription drugs).

    Introducing strong, competent and unbreakable locks which are easy to use day-to-day just makes sense. Again, these products are designed to blend in and look non industrial – for use indoors, as well as providing the strongest possible locking mechanisms.

    Students / Individuals in Shared Living Accommodation / Hotels and Hostels

    Thieves operate in many places. Sometimes theft is a criminal issue, but often it is a social issue. This can make it quite a difficult subject to deal with, especially when the theft does not have an obvious culprit. Those who have watched the TV series Friends may well remember an episode where a colleague repeatedly stole Ross’s food from a communal fridge. It gets to the point where he is so angry about the situation he has a breakdown upon finding that the colleague who did it.

    Instead of having a breakdown, we suggest that people in a similar position just purchase our locks to stop it happening. It’s far less embarrassing!!

    University students often face a much more expensive version of this problem, with alcohol regularly disappearing from unsecured mini-fridges or from larger fridges during parties, with some people even stealing expensive items from open dorm rooms.  Overcoming this challenge can sometimes be difficult, but introducing a robust lock ensures that the situation does not escalate – in fact, it ensures that the theft never happens in the first place. In the sense that prevention is better than a cure, installing a lock early can make all of the difference in the world.

    Similarly, hotels and hostels have communal areas and bars which often suffer from theft. More often than not these places will have a secure location to store valuables, but safe’s are often too small to store very much, with a level of extreme protection (such as 3 inch thick steel) which is not really required to keep most things secure. With our locking products, any file cabinet or metal storage container can become as strong and well protected as items held in the most expensive Safe’s, without the increased cost.


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